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  • Asked on March 26, 2019 in Society & Culture.

    Conspiracy theories are somewhat addictive and very few people recover from them once they have fallen in. 99% of all flat Earth proofs consist of a question they can’t answer and so they ASSUME that means that thing is impossible. So they accuse the rest of us of lying to cover up “the truth”. Most of the time you can’t prove a flat earther wrong because they don’t understand the explanation. They resort to pat answers like Gravity is wrong or worse yet, “gravity was invented by jews”. To a flat Earther, that is a valid reason to disbelieve in gravity. No, the fact is there has not yet ever been presented even one “fact” that disagrees with the NASA record of the moon landings.

    And by the way, flags can wave on the moon if they are built to do so. They designed that flag especially with a wire frame and weights so it could swing like a pendulum. And there is gravity on the moon, its just less than that of the earth. So you see my point. This has been trotted out for years as a supposed proof we never went to the moon but in reality its that conspiracy thinkers prefer to believe in their fantasy than accept reality.

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