Is feminism and the #metoo movement moving us towards criminalizing the innate necessity of procreation?

No. As you say, procreation is necessary. Away from all the hysteria in GS, life goes on and men and women are procreating all the time.

Asked on September 14, 2018 in Social Science.
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    Clearly there is re-balancing act going on here.

    Obviously, society will not survive any more than a couple of generations if we stop procreating. People die off and need to be replaced.

    Less obvious, but I think inarguable: There are going to be more and more women in the work place.

    So, even if we tried to separate men and women while working (which they do in Saudi Arabia), there will be contact and how that contact happens will end up being fodder for discussion over decades, if not centuries.

    This is NOT easy. Thinking it should be is to misunderstand evolution and psychology.

    Men who “walk on eggshells” won’t do well as well as men who do, but men who are perceived as taking advantage of women won’t do well either. Women who are perceived as being perpetual victims won’t do well, but those who ignore assault and harassment won’t do well either. Human resources departments that ignore complaints or automatically assume that the complainer is telling the truth will get repeatedly sued from both sides.

    Balance balance balance….

    Answered on September 14, 2018.
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